There are so many benefits to joining the club.

season tickets!

We all know that season tickets to any of UT's sporting seasons are quite the treasure to own, and often hard to attain. Well, our Varsity Athletes of years gone by deserve to be at these games as much or more than anyone, so we've made sure that our members are able to get the coveted tickets and fantastic seating that they desire. So join us, and bring out your orange and white, because you'll be at the best games and events of the season, each year!  Call our office for more information about tickets.

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lettermen events

Although our time at UT was just a few short years, for most of us, they were some of the best. We made lifelong friends and precious memories. The Lettermen Events bring us back together to reminisce over the memories as well as make new ones. Please, come join us!

Top 10 reasons to join!

  1. Mobile Lettermen's Directory
  2. Membership Card, pin and decals
  3. Field View Access on game day with guest
  4. Opportunity to purchase Football season tickets with no additional donation
  5. Clean game day bathrooms
  6.  Annual Golf tournament and dinner social
  7. Career networking oppertunties
  8. Annual Social gatherings for Vols’ and Lady Vols’ Basketball season
  9. Opportunity to purchase exclusive Lettermen apperal and items
  10. Reconnect with teammates and classmates