Letter from the President


                                                          From The President 2018


The T-Clubs officers’ recent attendance to the National Letter Winners Association clarified that the University of Tennessee Letter Winners T- Club is nationally one of the top organizations of its kind. The Lauricella Center, benefits of membership and letter winner’s game day experience have few rivals compared with other schools. The current board’s commitment to excellence indicates bright days ahead.

The Lauricella center continues to be our “Main Attraction”. Thanks to Letter winner Hank Lauricella (Football 1951) and is wife Betty, The University of Tennessee Letter Winners football field level game day experience is one of a kind. The Center opens 2 hour prior to kick-off and closes when the pre- game clock hits 30 minutes. If you have not visited the Lauricella Center pre-game or you are a regular attender, this is your open invitation to come and join your former teammates for this unbelievable college football venue. Current up to date membership is required for entry. Members can bring up to 4 quests.

Another “Must See” for all Letter Winners is the, Letter Winners Wall, located outside Neyland-Thompson Sports complex. The wall contains the names of all Letter Winners of NCAA sports at the University of Tennessee and is up to date through most of 2016. The wall currently has damage from close vicinity to major construction in the area. Repairs or relocation of the wall will be determined in the near future. We will keep you posted on any Letter Winners Wall information.

 “Membership has its privileges”. The 2017-2018 Letter Winners Board continues to think forward with member benefits. The recent addition of the T-Club mobile app gives member direct access to all T-Club information at their fingertips. The app allows you to renew your membership, buy official Letter Winners apparel, print membership cards, see events calendar, update your membership information and connect with former team mates. We hope you will participate in our other membership benefits planned activities. The letterman’s Fall Weekend. The Letter Winners Golf tournament held the Friday of Letter Winners weekend. Letter Winners picnic held each June at the McCord family farm. We look forward to seeing you. 

The University of Tennessee Letter Winners directory continues to be a work in progress. Please contact Mike Wright T-Club director at   t-club@utk.edu or 865-974-9054 with questions, changes or download the mobile app for direct access.  Please remember any directory information is for personal use only for T-Club members. Information is voluntary by our members and deemed private information. This information is NOT to be use for any form, type or assumed solicitation.

Go Big Orange

Chris Wampler

Football 79-82